Weekend Breakfast and Clean Up Crew

We all enjoy waking up to a freshly prepared breakfast, and our guest families are no different. After spending a long week at their child's bedside, preparing a meal is one of the last things on their mind. They are under considerable stress and don't always think to eat, so we invite volunteer groups to take one more worry away from our guests.

On the weekend, we invite groups to come to the Ronald McDonald House® and prepare a comforting home cooked breakfast for our families. Weekend breakfast groups purchase the food, then prepare and serve it in our well equipped kitchen Saturday and/or Sunday of each week. All food must be prepared in our kitchen.

The Weekend Breakfast & Clean Up Crew group size should be no larger than 20 people –10 people will prepare breakfast and the remaining 10 will be our Clean Up Crew, helping with chores around our House. If your group is larger than 20, please request a second date to accommodate everyone who wants to help. Note: Groups of up to 10 can just sign up to prepare breakfast.

Groups with minors (17 years and younger) must have an adult actively supervising them. Anyone 17 and under must have their parent/guardian sign our Group Liability Release form – if it's not signed, they won't be able to participate.

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Please select a date and alternate from the calendar below and sign up here. The calendar will not automatically update with your group’s name. Until you receive a confirmation email, your date is not guaranteed. This calendar is only updated once a week. 

Note: If the calendar has a name written in white letters on a blue background that date has already been taken. Sorry, we cannot add individuals to groups.