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The following are descriptions and scheduling requirements for the volunteer opportunities available at RMHC of Greater Las Vegas. All volunteers must be 16 or older to volunteer at the House, unless accompanied by a parent or guardian.

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House Volunteer – Help around the House with sweeping, mopping, dusting, vacuuming, cleaning common areas and bathrooms, organizing inside storage areas, taking out the trash, & making up guest rooms. Shuttle Driver - Available Mondays thru Fridays. Must commit to a regular schedule.

Office Volunteer – Help in the office with reception duties, filing, assembling mass mailings, organizing storage areas, taking inventory of supplies, assembling event materials, running errands, etc. Available Mondays thru Fridays. Must commit to a regular schedule.

Building and Grounds Maintenance – Tasks include changing light bulbs, repair & maintenance, sweeping outside areas, organizing outside storage units, moving boxes & furniture, loading & unloading supplies. Scheduling availability varies.

Hospital Lunch Program – Prepare &/or deliver sack lunches, stuffed animals & toys to UMC and Sunrise children’s hospitals. Available Mondays thru Fridays. Must commit to a regular schedule. Volunteers can also help by decorating lunch bags** (great for kids) and donating lunch items off of the Lunch Wish List. (** lunch bags can be picked up at the Ronald McDonald House.)

Dinner Program – Prepare & serve dinner for families staying at the Ronald McDonald House. Can be scheduled any day of the year based on availability; dinner must be served at 6 pm. Please see our Dinner Calendar for available dates, and download our Dinner Guidelines for a complete list of requirements. Great for groups!

Special Events – Help with event set-up and tear-down, registering & greeting participants, passing out event materials, serving food & beverages, selling raffle tickets, loading & unloading supplies, running errands, etc. Please see Event Calendar for upcoming events; specific tasks will vary depending on event.

Professional Services – Includes repairs & maintenance, grant writing, fundraising, PR/marketing/advertising, printing, photography, entertainment services, (balloons, floral arrangements, DJ, event production, etc.), personal services (massage, beauty, salon/spa).

Pop Tabs – Collect the pull tabs from aluminum cans and containers and donate them to the Ronald McDonald House. The tabs are made of a high-grade aluminum which we recycle - the proceeds then go directly to help families staying at the House. The program runs all year long, and collected tabs may be dropped off at the Ronald McDonald House anytime. Click here to download the Pop Tab flyer.

Wish List Drives – Collect items from our wish lists:

    – House Wish List

    – Lunch Wish List

    – Holiday Wish List

Holiday Volunteer Opportunities – Please call the House at (702) 252-4663 or email Christine@rmhlv.org to find out the specific dates and times available for holiday volunteer activities.

Youth Opportunities – (for youth 15 and under) - Includes collecting pop tabs, decorating lunch bags, baking goods, cooking dinner, organizing a fundraiser, collecting items from our wish lists, and special projects. Click here for a complete list of youth volunteer opportunities.

Group Opportunities – Includes cooking dinner, organizing a fundraiser, helping with special events, decorating lunch bags, baking goods, collecting items from our wish lists, and other special projects. Typically we are only able to accommodate groups of about 10 or less at the House at one time – however, off-site projects and House tours are open to larger groups.  Please call the House at (702) 252-4663, ext. 5 or email Christine@rmhlv.org to make arrangements for group volunteer activities.  Click here to download the Group Volunteer Release Form.

Court Ordered Community Service – RMHC of Greater Las Vegas accepts court ordered community service volunteers on a case by case basis.  Volunteers must be 16 years of age or older, submit a complete application, pass background and reference checks, and attend a Community Service orientation at the House before being considered for the program.  We will NOT accept any volunteer convicted of child abuse, sex crimes or any theft related crimes (including larceny, shoplifting, petty theft, etc.). Click here to download the Community Service Application and a complete set of program guidelines.

Volunteer Spotlight - Denelle

The following is a thank you note we received from a volunteer who came to us in June 2010 after being laid off from her job. She volunteered in the front office every Tuesday, and quickly became one of our most reliable and helpful volunteers. We're happy to report that she accepted a new job last month, but we're also sad to know that she won't be in the front office every Tuesday. On behalf of the RMHC families and staff, thank you Denelle for your many months of service and for making Tuesdays so enjoyable! We're really going to miss you!

~ Your friend, Denelle

To the staff at RMHC: I know that spending time at Ronald McDonald House is supposed to benefit the children and families who stay there, but being able to contribute to that has helped ME in so many ways too. From the first day I started, you have all been so friendly and welcoming and I have loved every minute I have spent working with you. Thank you so much for helping me feel that my efforts meant something and were appreciated. If my few hours each week have given you even a fraction of what I have taken away each time, then I think we are even!

We’re always open to new volunteer ideas and projects!
For more information on volunteering, contact Christine Fernandez at
(702) 252-4663 x5 or e-mail: Christine@rmhlv.org