Q: Does McDonald’s fund the Ronald McDonald House?

A: While McDonald's is our largest corporate donor, the majority of funds raised by RMHC of Greater Las Vegas come from local fundraising events and private donations.

McDonald's support of RMHC of Greater Las Vegas takes on many forms:

    • Collectively McDonald's utilize their restaurants, advertising dollars,
       packaging and crew to create customer awareness and support for
       the charity.
    • McDonald's Owner/Operators of Greater Las Vegas are regular sponsors
       of RMHC's annual fundraising events.
    • Members of the McDonald's family serve as volunteers and as members
       of the RMHC Board of Trustees and its committees, working along other
       members of their community.
    • McDonald's financial support of RMHC of Greater Las Vegas is generated
       by the following in-restaurant fundraisers held throughout the year:
             o RMHC Donation Boxes placed on the counters and in the drive-thru
                at participating McDonald's restaurants are the largest source of
                ongoing fundraising, with about $300,000 raised locally each year.
             o The McDonald's 365 program, an ongoing fundraiser in which 1 penny
                from every Happy Meal sold locally at participating McDonald's
                restaurants is donated to RMHC, raises about $10,000 locally each
             o Proceeds from the Las Vegas Review Journal Newspapers that are sold
                at participating McDonald's restaurants support the RMHC Scholarship
                Program in Las Vegas, with about $150,000 raised locally each year.

    McDonald's support means more money can be directed to delivering programs. The funds generated through McDonald's are primarily directed towards general and administrative costs for the Charity, which means more of the money generated through fundraising events and private donations can go directly to delivering programs that benefit the families and children we serve.

Q: Does the Ronald McDonald House of Greater Las Vegas only serve families with children who have cancer?

A: No. While there are some Houses that only serve families with cancer, the Las Vegas House serves any family who has a child receiving medical treatment. Most of our families are here for trauma due to a motor vehicle accident, premature birth, or children’s heart procedures.

Q: Why do you collect Pop-Tabs?

A: The Pop Tab program raises funds that go directly to families staying at the Ronald McDonald House. These funds help pay for things like gas money for a family to get back home, clothes for families who come with nothing, and for other basic necessities such as prescriptions and baby supplies.

Q: What percentage of my donation stays in Las Vegas? Does Ronald McDonald House Charities have to submit a portion of my donation to a National or Global organization?

A: 100% of the funds raised by RMHC of Greater Las Vegas stay right here in the community.  While we are part of a Global organization, RMHC Chapters operate on a local level.  RMHC of Greater Las Vegas is responsible for developing its own organization management, community programs and fundraising activities to meet the unique needs of the community we serve.  Everything we raise through local fundraising efforts supports our Chapter and programs.